“Make Shatta Wale The Next MUSIGA President” says Kekeli Kosi Folly; Togolese Artiste


One of the famous artists from Togo, Kekeli Kosi Folly, well-known in Ivory Coast and Benin as Kekeli, whose current promotional song titled ‘Gigigaga’ recorded in Ghana by a sound engineer by name “fem-fem”, has stated emphatically that Shatta Wale should be instated as the next MUSIGA president.

He was talking to Dj Murphy Lee of Sunyani based Metro FM via telephone about whom he feels should succeed Obour as the next MUSIGA president.

“This shouldn’t be an issue at all.If former presidents, Alhaji Sidiku Buari is a highlife musician , Diana Hopeson a gospel musician and the current president Obour is also a hiplife artiste, isn’t it the obvious that the next president should be a dancehall artiste ? He answered Murphy with a question.

“Yes! A dancehall artist should be the next president and looking among all the dancehall artists, Shatta wale is the most popular amongst them. The delegates or whoever is in charge should make him the next MUSIGA president.” Kekeli further told Murphy.

Kekeli is from eastern part of Togo specifically a town called “Vogan” but his mum is a Ghanaian from the Volta region.

He originated from the musical group called Apouke who won numerous awards in Togo in 2003 with hit songs “Tata”, Africa and “Critique”



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