Meet your YOLO Cast and Production Team

Do you know your YOLO cast? Let’s know them as we prepare for YOLO season 4.

  • Emily
  • Cyril
  • Araba
  • Drogba
  • Serwah
  • King George
  • Auntie Enyonam
  • Pusher
  • Production Team


Emily, born Queenstar Anaafi, is one of the leading characters on the YOLO TV Series. Queenstar’s role involves a young beautiful rich girl, well-raised by responsible and caring parents, turning her into a well-groomed adolescent.

‘If she’s out, she’s with either Cyril or at the Youth Corner, and her parents are very involved with her, so Emily in her own character is not a bad girl.’

In the YOLO TV series (Seasons 1 and 2), Emily is pursued by Cyril (considered next) and eventually falls for her first love, although in upcoming Season 3, their relationship turns to fall on hard rocks. In Season 2, Cyril takes a turn away from Emily and focuses on a beautiful student he tutors.

Things go south, and Cyril ends up head-on with highly-classified rhetorical questions from Emily. Series relationship aside, Emily relates how being a part of the cast for YOLO has helped her get in touch with her inner personality.

In her own words:

“I used to be a very shy, reserved person, but because of my involvement, my interaction with the people on set, I’ve been able to overcome this.”

Indeed, asked to play the role of the rich kid on the block comes with a lot of perks and requires getting up to speed to being what the writers and directors envision for the character. Emily plays her role well, and for many, concentrating on the show gets a little bit harder than usual sometimes, as Emily’s beauty and smartness keep swaying them.

Throughout the show, Emily is one of the few characters who set a good example and lead a good moral life, unlike Drogba and George (both discussed below).

Featuring alongside celebs makes her role relatively difficult as the standard she is required to meet is higher. Emily’s role can be seen as one not entirely complex to fit into. However, she’s mingling with great minds and actors/actresses, putting on edge to push the limits and excel.



Cyril, born as Aaron Adatsi, remains the center of the YOLO TV series and happens to be one of the characters tossed about in many situations, from relationships to hanging out with friends.

Cyril, in YOLO, was raised by Auntie Enyonam (discussed below). Auntie Enyonam learned her lessons the hard way, after getting in a relationship with Pusher and ended up being pregnant.

Unfortunately, Cyril grows up in a divided family, with his biological dad being an auto-mechanic and mom, a boutique manageress.

If an occasional visit by Cyril’s dad was welcome, the whole twist between Enyonam and Pusher wouldn’t have been, as portrayed in the show, tense and unpredictable.

Cyril sets his eyes on this young, beautiful girl from a relatively wealthy family, namely, Emily. He strives to win Emily’s heart, going as far as succumbing to gravity and going on his knees to apologize to Emily for a bad move taken.

Cyril: “Personally, I think YOLO is full of morals. Basically, YOLO is adolescent reproductive health, and I think the target is the youth

Although his apology takes effect and starts curing Emily’s heart, the likely ‘placebo’ effect she feels for her first love wouldn’t last as Cyril can’t help it but entangles himself with a student of his.

As Richard Castle would put it, Cyril is ‘ruggedly handsome’, which makes him a worthwhile prey for many young ladies looking for a strong, smart and handsome guy with great brains to be by their side.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), this comes to the attention of Cyril’s girlfriend and first love, and things start going south with their relationship in Season 3.

“I mean we don’t have to rush, I believe on step at a time. We should seek the right advice, before we go into sexually related issues”

Cyril represents a young boy who’s to some extent, naive about how to handle himself about girls, and finds himself pulled here and there, sometimes getting confused.

He leans to his instincts too sometimes, however, such moves in many cases reflect his inexperience. On that note, his many friends try to so-called help him, but sometimes end up adding insults to injury.

Aaron strives to live an upright life and try as much as possible to do things right the first time. In the show, it gets a bit thin the lines between Cyril being a bad boy or a good one; hard to tell. But, he’s a good kid in the heart, just happens to find himself in the wrong hands sometimes, which drives him into tight slippery corners.

Does Cyril get derailed thanks to the boisterous, bad friends he makes?



One of the adorable characters in YOLO! Born as Evelyn Galle-Ansah, Araba is responsible for en-railing de-railing minds, such as Felicia.

Consider Araba as the wise young lady who knows the ins and outs of youth life and adolescence, and try to use her influence, knowledge, and experience in helping younger ones in making the right reproductive health-related choices.

Araba is smart, gentle, reasonable and knowledgeable, and probably knows all the conversation stoppers for guys like Drogba. She’s not self-centered and happily puts the needs of others before hers, especially her lady friends.

Although she has a boyfriend, she believes abstinence till marriage rocks, and her boyfriend shares a similar goal. Araba, in her neighborhood (same as Drogba’s’), is considered the hard-to-get type. You win her, you rule the neighborhood!

Unlike Emily who sometimes gets pressured by her peers into actions she wouldn’t have done on her own, Araba stands up for what she wants, and is confident and tends to know what she does. She’s decisive and you can find her when you need her most.

Pick up the phone, call Araba for an advice, and she’s more than ready to offer thought-provoking insights on the best possible move there is. Such insights saved Felicia from the bad ‘Since the 80’s’ guy!

Araba: “YOLO, to me means that every moment in our lives count. But that doesn’t mean you should misuse the moment and mess around”

Indeed, Araba makes every moment of her life count and tries to help others to do same.



Obviously not the footballer Drogba, this YOLO Series cast, born John B. Peasah, is “naughty”. Drogba’s character portrayal is the personification of exactly what any youth in Ghana, and in the world for that matter shouldn’t become.

Drogba, a.k.a Bro Charles, according to his character in the series, remains one hard to deal with, engulfing himself in a cloud of mystery and betrayal.

His well-known moves relate to how he targets ladies and plans to ‘run’ as many unsuspecting ladies in his neighborhood as possible.

Bro Charles is careless, reckless, loveless and selfish. Drogba’s greatest victim happened to be the bread seller, Serwah. Consider Serwah as the exact opposite of Araba.

Irrespective of the fact that Bro Charles happened to contract an STI in his ladies-hunting-spree, he tends to fail most of the times keeping his manhood at where they belong. The message of reproductive health runs through the series, and unfortunately, Drogba became the first to realize and catch such a horrible infection.

If only that would have kept Bro Charles away from his old ways onto a new chapter, easter eggs from Season 3 indicates, Drogba goes on with his bad way of life, to the extent he’s seen teaching a new face in this season how to pronounce his name, ‘Bro Charles’

Bro Charles remains the only character throughout the show viewers can learn probably nothing positive from.

He’s a bad peer and cunningly lures his unsuspecting friends to yield to his wishes. In many cases, he gets himself in trouble.

Drogba is confident, articulate and smart, but making a mess of his life, hanging out in a dilapidated apartment somewhere in the neighborhood.

Bro Charles, at the end of Season 2, is confirmed to be a dad. Does Bro Charles turn around to become a responsible Dad in Season 3? Maybe, but likely not. Remember, he’s teaching how to pronounce “Bro Charles” to, yet another fresh lady.

Bro Charles: ‘Drogba is naughty … he’s just, eeh, bad, you know, and living his life and don’t care what people think about him. You know, if you fool he go preg you, that kind of thing.

John enjoys his character but considers himself reserved and shy. His role dictates him to be we find him to be, but that obviously in no way reflects his real life personality.

So the next time you meet Drogba, don’t panic, he’s neither there to run your girlfriend nor ‘clear’ you if you’re a lady.



Serwaa, born as Makafui Dela, takes on the role as this naive, unsuspecting, poor and to an extent, considered by some as the ‘foolish’ girl.

Taking on the role of this sort, in a way can be intimidating. In fact, it was for Serwaa initially, as she relates. Although she got excited to join hands with celebs like Jackie and Majid in promoting the YOLO movement, she adds:

“But then, I was so disappointed that, me playing the role of Serwaa, the “Village Girl”, I’m like, why won’t I play a glamourous lady who’s gonna put on some makeup, wear Brazillian hair, you know, in that bodycon dress.

“But then, when I went deep into the script, I read the script, I was just like, this is so me, because casting my mind back, I used to sell bread for my mum in the village. I just said I could relate to Serwaa’s issues very well to help educate other ones who find themselves in Serwah’s situation.”

In reality, although Serwaa’s behavior might be a bit exaggerated in the show, many young ladies end up in a similar situation and stand the chance of learning a lot from her.

It is easy to sit behind the TV as a young girl and call Serwaa’s character as a fool, however, it is equally easy to find many young girls ending up as Serwaa.

How many bad boys has lured her into having sex with them? The last attempt got her in a bad state, health-wise, as she got drugged yet sent to go buy a condom only to be rescued by onlookers after she succumbed to whatever she was drugged with.

Serwaa’s standard of living, when plotted on a graph along with that of Emily, we’re probably looking at a vertical line joining the two points on a cartesian plane.

She’s the poor girl who came from the village to make a living in the big city by selling bread during the day. Unfortunately, she ends up as the escaped goat in the hands of young boys like Drogba, who twist and turn her as they wish, “abusing her innocence”, as Serwah puts it.

Serwaa is so naive she still believes Drogba loves him. The fact that the character considers Drogba to be a caring boy completes her missing in the show – play the role of a dumb girl.

The connection between Serwaa and the mother (Jemima Danso) also paints valuable lessons to be considered by parents of today. Makafui nails it nicely on the issue of parent-child relationship, indicating the importance of tightening up such a bond.

This goes a long way to allowing kids, the youth, and adolescents to open to the parents and share with them the problems they face daily in their neighborhood and or at school.

We see from YOLO how Serwaa’s mother goes all out on her daughter for making bad decisions. Parents sometimes become too strict (Enyonam, looking at you) on their wards so they end up finding it difficult to open up to them.



A king indeed! King George, born Desmond Danso Sakyi, knows all in the YOLO series. George is the informant, the all-knowing and go-to for the latest info on issues within and around the neighborhood.

King George knows where who is at what time easily just as the back of his hand.

King George, in his own words, describes his role:

“[George] is a reckless guy, when I say reckless I mean he gets what he wants whenever he wants it. Basically, when it comes to information, he has it all. When it comes to protection, he’s top notch, he protects, he actually protects everything he likes.

George is considered ‘Bɔha bɔha’ which simple means in English as ‘Here and there’. It is an expression used to describe people who are not trustworthy and can’t be relied on.

‘Bɔha bɔha’ people end up as good gossipers and opening up to them is the worst you can ever do. King George will tell it as it is, however with more than enough additions to make what looks like a spark appears as a forest fire.

In Season 3, we notice how George tries to confuse Auntie Enyonam, and her reaction tells it all how deceptive George can be. You don’t want to take his word for what it is.

As simple rule of thumb with George is this, ‘If he tells you to look up, don’t just look down, even better, run away.’

King George hardly belongs to a camp and makes it his daily target to instigate troubles and bad outcomes for those he comes in contact with.

One example of his troubling instigation was his gossip about the plans Cyril had to travel, although none of that was true. He even had plans of travel, so he says, at a point in time. Did he? I doubt he even knows the road to the Passport Office, how much more the Embassy or Airport.

When asked if the role he plays reflects who he is in reality, Desmond tries to convince his audience, however, it is hard to believe him.

“At the end of the day, I’ve come to understand You Only Live Once, but live it well.”

That is a great sign of how he’s embraced his role so well it can be hard differentiating him from his role and his actual personality. He knows what and how it is like to be cunning and deceitful, he knows, however, I doubt in person, Desmond of that type.

Desmond even considers everyone to have elements of ‘George’ in them, people who hype whatever they think of or believes in but end up never doing it. You know any friend who’s like George?

King George is able to think on his feet and wit. As much as he’s a complex character to deal with, he tries to think straight and find his ways through issues.



Enyonam, the mother of Cyril, born Jackie Aygemang Appiah, is a carry-forward character from the previous TV show which led to YOLO, namely, Things we Do for Love.

Considering Jackie Appiah is Jackie Appiah and Enyonam is Jackie Appiah, there’s little talk to do here, as you probably know more about this Ghanaian Actress.

Read more about Jackie Appiah

A quick crash storyline tutorial for you about Things we Do for Love would be this:

Once upon a time, a young guy called Shaker (Majid) hunts down ladies, including Enyonam (Jackie Appiah), similar to the ‘chepeteeness’ of Drogba of YOLO. Shaker doesn’t get to ‘shake’ Enyonam eventually. But someone instead does.

Things we Do for Love was primarily about the youth and how they live their lives and go about things in school and at home, with their parents also coming in their way, trying to put them on track so they don’t go astray.

Pusher however is the cool, humble guy Enyonam falls in love with. Things, yeah, ‘things’ go south and Enyonam becomes pregnant with Pusher’s baby.

Fast-forward to YOLO, where Cyril is the ‘unplanned’ kid, and the reason behind the super repulsion force between Pusher and Enyonam.

Enyonam is the single-parent mum who’s gone through enough to raise his baby boy Cyril. She loves his son so well, and tries to be the ninja mum, keeping his boy, both safe as well as guiding him to not fall into bad company.

Auntie Enyonam is portrayed as the mum who may become overkill in her disciplinary tactics, although sometimes these tactics open new opportunities for his son and the brazen friends of his.

Heck, Enyonam sent Cyril to visit the grandmother’s village! Indeed, the move which had the intention of disciplining her son turned out to be a playground for Cyril and friends.

Enyonam is well-to-do and owns a high-class boutique in town, a place Drogba frequents as you are assured of many ‘goodness’ in the form of beautiful ladies. Her boutique is enough hunting grounds for Drogba.

Auntie Enyonam represents the typical Ghanaian mother today. Raising a young, smart and handsome boy like Cyril comes with many challenges, especially relating to reproductive health issues.

However, one yet-to-be-determined catch within the YOLO storyline is when and how Cyril’s father is accepted back into the life of Enyonam. As it stands at the time of writing (Season03 Episode02), the eyes of Pusher and Enyonam do not meet, and should they meet, well, you guessed right, Commotion!

Jackie Appiah remains one of the high-ranking cast of the YOLO series. Indeed, some years ago when Things we Do for Love aired, who knew Jackie would rise to become a star? So generous of her to have continued the role she started, although her cast in this series is negligible to her big screen appearances.

Kudos to Enyonam for continuing to be the Enyonam we all know!



Adjetey Annang, known in the show YOLO as Pusher, is the father of Cyril and the one’s who’s career path doesn’t seem exciting as that of many.

Pusher grew up to become an auto mechanic. In his young days, his personality would today map onto both King George and a bit of Drogba. Pusher was not the smart guy (book-wise) you can think of but was smart in his own way, enough to win the heart of Enyonam.

Pusher regrets today for going unprotected in his youth which led to Cyril. He does not feel proud and continues to use his experience in educating his boy, Cyril. Considering what he missed and wished he had, Pusher even goes to the extent of providing Cyril with enough reproductive health brochures and magazines collected from the Youth Center.

The goal is to get Cyril informed, so as not to make the wrong decisions he made. Although he had a relatively little hand in raising up his boy, Pusher wants to come in touch regularly with his son and offer his assistance the little ways he can. Once, Pusher bought a ‘smartless’ phone for Cyril when he got to know his boy’s phone got stolen.

The move didn’t go well as planned, but was a proactive initiative from him, a clear sign whatever wrong he did, is willing to move forward and be a better man.

Pusher represents those who’s past tends to hunt them down, but keeps their chins up, gathering enough strength to move on.

Plus, his story tells the part of what parents can do to support their young ones. It obviously does not have to be money, but the fatherly presence as little as possible matters. At least, Cyril has a father figure to look up to, and enjoys being around the dad.

Can’t wait to see the Enyonam and Pusher reunion! Someboy lemme write that script!



Ivan, the CEO of Farmhouse Production leads and directs the production of the YOLO Series.

He’s responsible for the YOLO series you’ve come to love and enjoy and tries to create a conducive environment for the team members to work within to bring out the best in them.

In Season 3 of YOLO, expect the characters in YOLO to speak directly to all of us on issues such as Malaria to Maternal Mortality, Safe Motherhood, Hand wash, Illegal Abortion, Drug Abuse and more.


As the D.O.P ( Director of Photography ) and the Cameraman, Michael Eshunensures you watch a quality video produced professionally and properly shot.

Eshun discusses what the scene is with the director and proper staging is set for better shooting to support the requirements at hand.

A graduate of NAFTI, Michael brings in his experience, skills and knowledge in helping grow the YOLO Movement.

Stick around for an in-depth chat with Michael Eshun.


Kofi Sefa Bonsu is the Sound Engineer on the YOLO production team and is the reason behind the sound clarity you enjoy when watching each episode.

As a sound engineer, he ensures sound is recorded properly on set. No matter how great the post-pro guys or ladies are, a great raw sound quality is essential.

Kofi makes that happen!


At the Post Production department, let’s meet the Head, Tracy Decardi-Nelson who can’t help it but only bring out the best in the work done by the sound and lighting and camera guys.

Tracy is the main editor on the YOLO production team, assisted by Mr. Blake. After shooting, they dump all the ‘nonsense’ to the post-pro team, who then make sense of all the content, sorting, processing, editing, ‘cut cut’ here and there, and more.

The Post-pro team along with the Mac multimedia setup enjoys bringing out the best in each shooting in the form of episodes that end up entertaining us.


Consider Bridget Nortey as the all-around production team member. As the Production Manager, Bridget handles work involved in the smooth running of the production, on and or offset.

Although her work doesn’t sound challenging, it happens to be one of the difficult aspects of production, getting all the moving parts going and gluing together the various parts of the team for successful production.

Kudos to Bridget for bringing us great episodes each time YOLO hits our airways.

PRODUCTION in Pictures


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