Escaped ISIS Sex Slave tells her Story. So sad!


It was a group of demon possessed men and women who created this ISIS thing, cult. They have wrought crimes and havoc unseen and unheard for centuries. They haven’t stopped, only that their demonic activities are taking new advance forms every day. Such is the story of Nadia Murad an escapee held by ISIS as their main sex tool for several months.

Ever since her escape from the captivity of ISIS, Nadia Murad Basee has been speaking out about her inhumane experiences at the hands of ISIS fighters, who firstly kidnapped her, sold her and other women to other ISIS groups who were utilizing them as sex slaves.

While addressing a crowd of students at Cairo University, she describes how ISIS used to force them to pray before being raped.

“We were not worth the value of animals,” she said. “They raped girls in groups. They did what a mind could not imagine.”

“They commit rape and genocide crimes in the name of Islam,” she said.

Last December, she testified before the UN in New York, all to raise awareness of the plight of the Iraqi and Syrian peoples and urge more action to protect refugees from the conflict with ISIS.

She described how last summer she was a student living in the village of Kocho in northern Iraq when ISIS fighters rounded up all Yazidis, killing 312 men in an hour and taking the younger women into slavery.

Some women killed themselves, but Murad said she never considered doing so. She told Time magazine: “I did not want to kill myself — but I wanted them to kill me.”

She was taken as a slave by a man with a wife and daughter, whom Murad never met, and kept in a single room.

After one failed escape attempt, she told the UN, she was beaten up and gang raped by six militants as a form of punishment. “They continued to commit crimes to my body until I became unconscious,” she said.

Finally, Murad escaped successfully in November 2014. She has recovered enough to broadcast her story worldwide-raising awareness on the crimes against humanity constantly been committed by the so-called Islamic State.


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