SAMINI replies SHATTA WALE from Dubai after his reply to his new tune “Anytime” LoL… when will this gripe end?



Samini who is chilling and on vacation in Dubai released a song titled “Anytime” and it has since been the buzz in town.

‘Anytime’ details Samini’s fitness in the music industry and how he’ll take on anyone who tries to bring down what he has worked hard for – the Highgrade Family.

From what it looks, they are really having fun musically exchanging words on riddims and giving fans more room to smile to the new term in their unending beef.

Whilst many may see the default in their lyrics, this new beef scene is a great sign of change, less swear words and clean manpower from their lyrical prowess.

Longtime rival Shatta Wale after hearing Samini’s record released ‘Longtime (Ets3.’

This is one of a kind record Shatta Wale has released. Although he goofed with some shots he took at Samini, he really did well by not adding swear words or throwing direct insults at his rival.

According to Shatta Wale’s lyrics, Samini’s time is long overdue, jibing him to find something else to do.
“When it comes to performance bwoy you lack lyrics, Listen dancehall ah nuh no gimmicks, Lyrics ah pierce like AK bullets, Veteran try settle down, Caan stand Energy Gad-Energy Gad, Ah mi seh your energy gone-energy gone, Dancehall ah nuh shouting thing ah doss vibes”


Samini took to photo-blogging site Instagram to reply Shatta Wale saying: “Almost cut my trip short wen I heard some guy enter studio to reply my track #Anytime but from what I’m hearing I’ll extend my trip Chale 😂😂😂 aaah #lyricalwar wey Yu bring same old style??? Mea send just @huseugene pun dem. #akyesaaaaaaaaaa #hgf #wereadyfideroad”




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