Here’s What You Should Eat in Order to Make Your Vagina Smell Good and Keep It Clean


By: RelFacts Staff

The foods that you consume usually represent the main reason for your vaginal odor and even it can affect the health of the vagina. Vaginal health is really important part of woman’s overall health.

According to gynecologist Mary Roger, healthy and clean vagina has numerous good bacteria that fight against diseases and infections and also has balanced vaginal pH value.

The smell and pH value of the vagina can be changed by the food you consume.

Broccoli, red meat, asparagus, milk, onion and spices are the foods that usually disrupt the balance of your vagina.

You have to consume vegetables and fruits which will keep the health of your vagina and natural pH value of your vagina. The acidic pH value can’t be permanently impaired, the effects will last for several days after the consumption of the food.

Whole wheat products, vegetables, fruit and a plenty of liquids (water) will keep the vagina healthy and clean.

Do not consume sugar in large amounts because it usually causes infections on the sexual organs. Yogurt is an excellent choice for healthy vagina.

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