It’s COMPLICATED – poem by Mr. Tagoe


By Mr. Tagoe

Not the sweet taste of lemonade as compared to the sore taste of lime and lemon

Not even close to why we keep a wet sponge in a sponge bag in a wet bath house

Not close to the reason why students become successful than their teachers

Reminiscing about the complication of “it’s complicated”.

The phrase which complicates the thoughts of why your emotions are complicated

The confusion of your heart beat with its corresponding action.

Then the question without an answer but rather a list of cautious to do action

Why is it complicated? Now complicated becomes the answer to clueless figuration

A series of misplaced miscalculated misdoings

The ethos of esktasis, hearing her say “it’s complicated”

It’s complicated than the fact that The Supreme Being has no siblings

Or the fact that the devil keeps missing “de grapha de grapha” in his bible readings

The complete complication of “I love you but it’s complicated.”



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