Alleged Robber defecates in court


A man on Wednesday nearly halted proceedings at an Accra Circuit Court when he smeared faeces all over his body after removing his under pants in front of a courtroom.

This action of Charles Martey Korley, an alleged robber, could not allow people to enter the courtroom due to the foul smell.

Although the court sat for a while, cases were soon adjourned after Korley’s behaviour.

People who walked to the other courts could not stand the stench as Korley continually defecated and smeared it over his body and in front of the Circuit Court one.

Korley also spat on a senior Police officer who by passed him.

The Police investigator, who brought him to court told journalists that he had to make a distress call to the office so he could be provided with blankets to cover and convey Korley back to Police cells.

When the blanket was brought after some hours, the case investigator with the help of other police officers wrapped the blanket around Korley and tied ends of the blanket and dumped him into a waiting Police pick up.

The case investigator said he brought the accused person to court in the morning, but he kept talking loudly, so he was asked to send Korley out and bring him in when his case was called.

While standing in front of the court room, Korley shook himself, removed his under pants and defecated on himself. Not satisfied, he intermittently defecated and smeared it over himself on the floor whilst in handcuffs.

The accused is being held on a robbery charge. His plea has not been taken and is in lawful custody.

Korley is accused of robbing a trader of GH 13, 422 at the Arts Centre at gun point. He was arrested by the police on November 15, this year after a report was made.

He is expected to be put before court today Thursday.



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