Former Manager of Shatta Wale; Bulldog. Wife’s Naked Pictures Leaked… Who Leaked Them?… PHOTOS

shatta 1

Bulldogs wife’s naked pictures have been leaked and being circulated on social media.

From information we gathered, the pictures were on a laptop Shatta Wale gave Bulldog a year ago which he went to take back after their relationship ended.

The couple therefore believe that the leak came from Shatta Wale.

However, in a series of screen shots posted on the Facebook page of Bulldog, Shatta Wale in a conversation in a facebook group, “Shatta Movement”, indicated that Bulldog leaked the pictures himself in Germany. Bulldog has however denied that claim by Shatta Wale in a post on his FB wall.


This is what Bulldog posted on his Facebook Timeline:

So now Shatta Wale you are telling people I leaked my wife’s naked pictures? This is your excuse for what you have done and doing to my family? God is watching. ?#?sikanhyira?



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