Adolescent girls in Suhum embraces prostitution for a living…


Traditional leaders in Suhum in the Eastern Region have expressed worry over the increasing spate of child prostitution in the municipality.

Teenage girls between the ages of 11 and 15 are involved in the act. A brothel at the Suhum market has been identified as the base for the girls.

Their sexual activities are allegedly being coordinated by a tomato machine operator serving as their pimp.
The queen mother at the Suhum municipal market Nana Korkor said the situation is worrying and must be confronted immediately.

“They operate in a container and you could hear those showing sexy movies in that room and most of them sleep there even at this tender age.

“My worry is that they don’t even go to school. We tried in the past to cane them when they come there but we can’t continue with that anymore so we have reported them to the social welfare department hoping that some action will be taken,” she bemoaned.

Source: Starronline


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