I love him, Shatta Wale is the “baddest” artiste – Bulldog


Shatta Wale’s former manager, Lawrence Nana Asiama-Hanson, popularly known as Bulldog, has acknowledged that Shatta Wale will continue to be his favourite artiste of all time.

Shatta Wale a few weeks ago made some wild allegations against his former manager and friend after Bullhaus Entertainment announced they were no longer working with him.

He claimed Bulldog admitted to killing someone but failed to mention the name of the person.

“I have repeated the part about him threatening to kill me twice and I won’t hide it. Somebody asked him; Bulldog are you not the same person who has issues to answer in Ghana about things like these, and he responded; don’t mind him, I will kill him like I killed the other guy,” Shatta said.

But when asked if Shatta’s actions did not rub on him wrongly, Hanson said he and his team can hold no grudges against the “talented artiste”.

“We love him, I was listening to his music on my way here, and I still listen to his music, everything we did, we did together, we did for the fans [but it’s all over now] and as my mother always says, ‘Everything that has a beginning has got an end’.

“But Shatta Wale is the baddest artiste,” he said in complement of his “friend”. “Don’t joke with that artiste men…”


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