Kumasi Poly first year student killed by armed robber


A first year student of Kumasi Polytechnic was shot and killed by an armed robber Tuesday dawn at his “homestel” at Ayigya (close to KNUST campus).

An eye witness disclosed that the deceased student, Thomas Agyapong, was studying around 2:00am when a room in the same house was being robbed. He came out when he heard the other students shouting for help only to be shot in the throat when the armed robber saw him coming towards his direction.

The eye witness further disclosed that the deceased student shared same room with his younger brother, Stephen Addai, prior to the unfortunate incident.

Thomas was rushed to the KNUST Hospital bleeding profusely by other students residing in the same compound house immediately the armed robber fled the scene but passed on few minutes after arrival.

Armed robbers continue to terrorise students living in “homestels” and hostels at Bomso, Ayigya, Ayeduase, New Site, and Kotei for years despite increase in night police patrols in those areas.

Robbery cases are no more news to students of Kumasi Polytechnic and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology who reside in those areas.


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