UCC dismiss Undergraduates Who Failed in only One Subject


Undergraduates of the Institute of Education at the University of Cape Coast say they do not reach agreement with the directive by the university authority to withdraw any student who scores a grade of E in any course, with immediate effect without given the chance of a re-sit.

The students, who describe the decree as unfair and highly compromised argue their academic life and future are being placed in the balance as most of their colleagues are being led out of the university just for almost failing a paper.

The instruction from the Institute of Education, all students in the Colleges of Education who have failed a paper previously should be withdrawn immediately without the possibility of ever writing a re-sit examination. Students who wrote the re-sit examination and failed it again and students who because of one reason or the other were not able to “register” for the re-sit examination are also being sent home because of this directive.

A typical example of a said student affected by the ”harsh directive” saw him expelled from the premises of campus after chalking a grade E in one of his papers despite performing above average in all the others. This is not the case with the Untrained Teachers. With them, they are allowed to write re-sit examinations until they are able to pass which means they can make unlimited attempts at rewriting those papers.

The Students are therefore appealing with school authorities to consider repealing the directive saying it was bent on dashing their dreams of becoming trained teachers in the future.


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