Cristiano Ronaldo: “You might think it’s Messi, but I think I’m the best”

EL Classico

Cristiano Ronaldo gave a personal interview back in August, one which has only seen the light now, because of the documentary on the Real Madrid man which is scheduled to be released on 9th November. El País picked up part of that interview in which he spoke on a range of topics.

On Leo Messi: “It doesn’t bother me. I’ve been at the top of my game for the last eight years. Name another player who has. The difference between being number one or two is in the details, like whether or not you win trophies. You might think that Messi is the best, but I think I am”.

On pain: “I feel it every day. Other players would say the same. Some of them know how to deal with it and others don’t. If you train hard, play every week, sometimes twice, you’re going to feel it. Your body never gets used to that”.

On his lifestyle: “Football is my life. It’s the thing I hold dearest. That said, I’m not a huge fan of watching football on TV. I enjoy the big games, but I generally prefer to do other things at home”.

On friendship: “I’m not a complete loner, but I was born this way. My father was the same. Yes, I have friends in football and away from the game, but I only have four or five close friends”.


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