Prostitute Dies after Several Rounds of Sex with Several Customers


It was the end of the road for a prostitute when she died after a several rounds of sex with several customers in a brothel in Enugu State.

The incident, which occurred on Saturday, led to the arrest of the last customer who spent the night with her, a man named Ikechukwu Oga.

Ikechukwu had gone to a brothel where he met with the deceased and struck a sex deal. Having agreed on the bargain, Ikechukwu said he was asked to wait for his turn, as someone was already on the line. By the time he came back, Roseline was still on duty just as she pleaded with him to exercise patience, promising to be with him throughout the night.

He later invited him into the room for his turn but was unable to conclude the deal as the commercial sex worker complained of being tired which forced him to come down. He reportedly slept off but was woken up by sympathizers who complained that Roseline was already dead.

“I did not conclude my first round of the deal before she complained that she was tired and that was at midnight. I came down and that was the end of the sex match. I cannot say what led to her death, he said.

Dead body of the deceased have been recovered and deposited in a nearby hospital while the suspect is helping the police in their investigations.


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