Ronaldo gets angry with doping control after Real Madrid match against PSG


Ronaldo gets angry with doping control after Real Madrid match.

Cristiano Ronaldo gets irate with doping control after Real Madrid match, quickly transforms into Mario Balotelli.

The world’s most acclaimed footballer obviously thinks medication testing authorities are singling out him…

Yes, he’s an incredibly well off, preposterously skilled, madly worshipped footballer. Yet, when he’s not being addressed by his worshiping fans amidst a match, he’s being singled out by bureaucrats and unimportant authorities.

That is by all accounts his feeling, in any case. As should be obvious in the above clasp, the Real Madrid genius was not precisely pleased when he found UEFA’s against doping control officers taking after his side’s 0-0 Champions League draw with Paris Saint-Germain.

As they usher him away for a random drug test, you can see Ronaldo’s disgust, as he throws his arms in the air in trademark stroppy style and moans, “Siempre yo…”

Clearly, The World’s Greatest feels he gets pulled aside for testing more than other players.

Of greater concern is the fact this video makes him sound disturbingly like this guy:

In fact, when you think about it, Ronaldo and Mario Balotelli are actually quite similar characters.

Benitez is so far impressed with the Portuguese footballer. Former Liverpool and currently Real Madrid manager Benitez is also satisfied with his team’s play against PSG last night. The injured Real Madrid side has played with complete potential he expressed: Real Madrid ‘exceptional’ against Paris Saint-Germain: Benitez.


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