Veterinary Doctor Arrested For Running ‘Abortion Clinic’


A Veterinarian is in the holds of the Akatsi North Police for operating an illegal abortion clinic.

The 62-year-old vet, known only as Kwakuvi has been operating the illegal clinic for about five years and under bizarre conditions.

Kwakuvi, a Togolese, performs abortions only on specific days; on market days of Ave Xevi, the Volta Region town where he operates.

He also does not change syringes and other sharp apparatus he uses during abortion.

After a visit to the illegal clinic, where police had gone to arrest Kwakuvi, Akatsi North District Health Director, Dr. Anthony Ashynyo, said he was disgusted by the “horrible place”.

He urged the public to report any such persons in the society to the police.

He attributed a rise in Hepatitis B and HIV in the area to the activities of Kwakuvi.

District Chief Executive for Akatsi North James Gunu, said he will soon lead a serious clampdown on such illegal facilities in the area.

‘’We cannot condone and connive with an illegality, especially when it has to do with people’s lives. That is what we are against,” he said.


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