Prostitute steals car from former minister


A former Northern Regional Minister whose name is withheld was robbed by a prostitute who stole his 4×4 with the help of her boyfriend, reports Ghana Web.

The minster and prostitute identified as Abigail Aseidu were taken to a hotel at Pig Farm where she had the help of her boyfriend, Bashiru Ishamel who stole the car and are still at large.

It has been established that Abigail deliberately targets high profile personalities and had already stolen eight cars.

Abigail then changes the license plates and sells them to unknowing customers.

The police have managed to recover all the cars.

According to reports the former minister and Abigail checked in to the hotel and after a couple of rounds decided to relax for some time.

Abigail managed to escape and steal the keys when the former minister had fallen asleep.

When he came to his senses he realised that Abigail had disappeared, after looking for her he also saw that his vehicle was not in the parking lot anymore.

The matter was reported to the police.

DCOP Christian Tetteh Yohunu, the Accra Regional Police Commander, who briefed the media, said Abigail met the client on social media and on August 30, 2015 they met at Pig Farm, where they decided to go to a nearby hotel to be intimate.

Abigail and her boyfriend had been previously arrested by the Baatsona, Klagon and Dahwenya police this year for stealing a Honda Civic CRV, Toyota Corolla and a Toyota Camry from some victims.

Meanwhile Abigail’s real name is Habiba Abubakar and uses many other aliases.

The regional commander narrated that Abigail sometimes uses Abigail Fatimatu Adamu to operate.

Ghana Web


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