Commercial (trotro) driver dresses like Anas to scare off corrupt police


Anas has certainly become the most feared entity in Ghana now when it comes to corruption.

A trotro driver who works on the Nkrumah Circle to Madina road, says he has been able to scare off several corrupt police officers just by dressing up as Anas. The driver revealed he now drives his trotro dressed up as the dreaded investigative journalist who always seems to be in public wearing a trademark bucket hat with tiny beads hanging off the front to cover his face.

The look-alike said police officers on the Circle to Madina road who used to extort money from him are now scared to come close to his vehicle since he started his Anas impersonation about 3 days ago.

“Oh the police people stop me but once they see my Anas dressing, they all run away like someone is chasing them. They fear because they think I am Anas,” he clarified.

The commercial driver said he plans to take his action against corrupt police officials a step further by putting the inscription “Anas is watching you” on the side of his Nissan Urvan vehicle to ward off officers who try to extort money from him.

Source: YesiGhana


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