Chinese air force station uses monkeys to stop bird strikes


When monkeys first learned how to climb trees and destroy birds’ nests, it might have never occurred to them that one day they could make use of these skills for a living, at least until 2014.

Some soldiers from a Chinese air force station in Tangshan city, Hebei Province, believed that monkeys are the best at preventing bird strikes, which is a big threaten to flight safety.

The monkeys didn’t let them down. It only took the first two monkeys a month to learn how to remove bird nests. So far, the station has five trained monkeys who can work together tearing down around 60 birds’ nests in a single day, only needing a minute to remove each nest.

Wang Mingzhi, the instructor of the bird removal team at the station, told China Youth Online that these monkeys have made their work much more efficient and more importantly, safer.

Wang went on to say that other air force stations are even considering getting some of their own. One station has sent two monkey “interns” to them for training.

 11954637_1031835030190650_2093404935520113534_n 11987094_1031834996857320_3228853174453814991_n mon


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