Police arrested woman for killing and secretly burying her Canadian lover


A seamstress of Ghana Origin detained by police for allegedly murdering her Canadian lover, reports Graphic online.

Natasha Bawah, 40, was arrested by the police early this month following a lengthy investigation after her boyfriend Eddie Murphy Sulemana who had come to Ghana for a holiday last year in September.

According to the report the presumably dead Canadian national reportedly fell in love with Natasha as result they were planning a future together as the deceased reportedly wanted to buy herd of cattle after being allegedly tricked by the suspected murder.

The body of Sulemana has not yet been found but preliminary investigations by the police have shown that he was taken to the Upper East Region where he was killed.

When the suspect was brought in by police she claimed that Sulemana, a Muslim, died at the Tumu Government Hospital while receiving treatment for a fatal accident in the Upper East Region, and was buried on January 24, 2015, per Islamic customs at a Muslim cemetery in Tumu.

However, checks by the police neither yielded any records of Sulemana neither at the hospital nor from the Muslim community that supposedly buried him.

However her luck ran out on August 1, 2015, as she was traced to her hideout at Buokrom in Kumasi and was arrested.


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