Fetish priest prevents ‘evil’ pupils from writing exams.


A 13-year-old and a 17-year-old Junior High School graduate have been camped by a fetish priest in his shrine at Nankese in the Suhum Municipality of the Eastern region.

The fetish priest, Togbe Dzebu, claims the minors possess evil spirits hence his decision to camp them and perform rituals to exorcise them.

The children, as part of the rituals were forced to march through the township and nearby towns by the fetish priest to show where their spiritual pot, locally known as “Bayie kukuo” had been kept.

One of the victims, Yaw, the 13-year-old pupil of Nankese M/A Primary School, has been prevented from writing the end of term examination by the fetish priest.

School authorities are worried over the development but say they are helpless to seek for the release of the pupil to write his exams.

They are therefore appealing to human right groups to come to the rescue of the children.

The victims have been given strange haircuts, concoctions and subjected to various forms of abuses as they have been confined to the shrine.

Yaw in an interview said he wants to return to the classroom to continue his education but waiting for the fetish priest to cast out the evil spirit he claims to be possessing him.

Even though the victims initially denied possessing witchcraft, they have now confessed to possess the evil spirit, a claim many residents believe they made under duress.

The fetish priest claims he has been able to cast the witchcraft in the 17-year-old girl but waiting for the family to buy some items for final rituals.

He, however, said the 13-year-old pupil may spend more time at the shrine to enable him deliver him properly before he can be allowed to go to School.


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