Jamaican man offers President Obama 10 acres of Marijuana for his daughter.


Not to be outdone by a Kenyan lawyer who offered president Obama 50 cows among other livestock for his daughter Malia’s arm in marriage, a Jamaican farmer has up the ante and is offering president Obama 10 acres of marijuana. Unlike the Kenyan, the Jamaican farmer does not want Malia for his wife, he wants her to be his daughter-in-law. Roy Chambers of St. James, Jamaica says he believes Malia and his 1y year old son would make a perfect couple and have a perfect family.

“My marijuana farm is my most valuable possession but am willing to give it to president Obama in exchange for his beautiful daughter to marry my son,” said Mr. Chambers. “I tried to approach President Obama with my offer while he was in Jamaica a few months ago but the security prevented me. I have sent him a regular mail to the white house and also an email so I hope he will reply soon,” he continued.

President Obama will now have a difficult task of deciding what he wants in exchange for his daughter’s wife in marriage. From a Kenyan he could get fifty cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats. From a Jamaican he can get an entire 10 acres of the Jamaican high grade and Bob Marley’s favorite sensimilla.

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