Violence at Talensi by-election, who won, NDC or NPP, what caused violence?

President John Mahama has requested the security agencies in the country to take a cue from the violence that characterized the by-election in Talensi and ensure that such incidents are prevented in the 2016 elections.

In a tweet to congratulate the NDC’s candidate BT Baba who won the polls, the President described the pockets of violence that engulfed the elections as unacceptable.
The former head of the Ghana Prisons Service, BT Baba won the elections with 10,366 representing 42.31% of the total votes cast as against Thomas Duanab’s (NPP) 6,845 representing 27.94% of the total votes.
The PNC candidate Wombeoto Namailteng garnered 6,836 representing 27.90% of the total votes cast followed by the PPP which had 214 votes representing 0.87%. The GFP polled 58 votes, NVP had 93, UPP managed 49 while the IPP polled a paltry 38.

For now, former President John Rawlings has also called for the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators of the violence in the polls.



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