Couple Discover Their Maid Is a Man


A Malawian couple got the biggest shock of their lives when it turned out that, the 27-year-old maid they hired 8 months ago is a man.

According to Malawi News Network, the man fooled his boss for 8 months into believing he was a woman. He was arrested after stealing some household items, which the value is yet to be revealed.

The suspect’s wife said her husband told her he was only disguising as a lady because he was desperate for a job which he could not secure honestly.

The couple’s daughter first noticed the maid acting suspiciously after sharing make up and styling tips with him. She reported him to her parents, who later assured the girl it was probably nothing to worry about.

It was gathered that the maid decided to run before he was confronted by the police after the couple discovered that, some valuable items were missing from their home.

However, he has been charged with identity theft, stealing personal property, and obtaining work by deception.


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