“I have infected 712 ladies in the university with HIV”, Tamale sex tape guy reveals.

photo-5-1A guy has confessed that he has infected 712 female students with HIV in just 3 years. He has supporting evidence of sex tapes and nude pictures to confirm his acclaims. This guy is identified as Rogers flew out of the country and made this confessions on the internet and also releasing 34 sex tapes and 178 nude pictures with different girls portraying alarming and fantastic sex positions which included activities such as smooching, kissing, unprotected sexual activities and above it all unaccepted doggy styles.

The shocking part of the story is that, there has not been repetition of girls which tells us that the 712 females might be true and most of these girls are aware of the camera recording them, which I believe might be an influence of either alcohol or “juju” popularly known as for girls.

“….none of the girls know another. I am already infected and couldn’t take chances before…” he said.

The gentleman produced a list of the girls and made asterisks * on those he felt might have gotten HIV. One of the asterisked names is Sheilla Gashumba who is the daughter of popular Frank Gee.

Let’s wait as the truth still unfolds.

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