• Although male orgasm seems to be all the talk, women have a lengthy 14 to 20 seconds orgasm compared to a man’s 6 second one.


  • 36% of people under the age 35 check their Facebook or Twitter after sex.
  • The average woman has sex more than 3,000 times in her life.
  • Sneezing and having orgasm are the only physiological responses that cannot be stopped voluntarily.


  • Four Popes died during sex…
  • Due to increased blood flow during intercourse, your inner nose will swell along with your breast and genitals.
  • The German word for “contraceptive” is Schwangerschaftsverhütungsmittel. By the time you learn to say this, it’s usually too late.
  • A female chimpanzee in a fit of passion has the strength of six men. Is this the same for female humans as well?
  • According to a study from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, the amygdala (the part of the brain involved in fear and anxiety) shuts down during a female orgasm.


  • People who are open to talking during sex are happier with their sex lives, according to Live Science.


  • Did you know women get laid 17% more than men?


  • Do you ever wonder if your grandparents are still having sex? Just about a third of women in their 80’s are having sex as long as they’re in their good physical shape to do so.


  • It is way more difficult to lie to someone when you find them sexually attractive.


  • About 100 million couples around the world have sex every day. That means around 65,000 couples are having sex right now.


  • 85% of women are satisfied with their partner’s penis size.


  • Women who are prone to migraines have a higher sex drive than those who are not.
  • Scientists are not sure why, but depending on how you are wired, certain people, both men and women have a bigger sex drive.
  • Orgasms are good for your health. They can lower woman’s risk of heart disease, stroke, breast cancer and even depression.
  • Sex counts as a workout. 30 minutes of active sex will help you burn around 200 calories.


  • Seven Viagra tablets are sold every second.

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